Linux News Today: Rockstor 3.8-10 Linux-Based NAS Solution Improves Asynchronous Replication Support

Suman Chakravartula informed us this weekend that he and his team of hard-working developers managed to release a new stable update for their Rockstor Linux-based NAS (Network-attached storage) solution.

According to Mr. Chakravartula, the Rockstor 3.8-10 release includes great improvements to the Asynchronous Replication feature, which lets users replicate shares from one Rockstore appliance to another. The Asynchronous Replication feature is based on the send and receive functionality of the Btrfs file system.

“While this feature was added a while ago, it was a bit over engineered, buggy and had to be improved. I started refactoring the existing pub-sub design and ended up completely redesigning it. The result is a much simpler and more robust implementation,” said Suman Chakravartula.

13 issues were resolved in this release

Rockstor 3.8-10 is mostly a bugfix release, as the project’s developers managed to fix approximately 13 issues reported by users since the previous stable release of the GNU/Linux distribution. Test coverage was also improved in this release, along with various minor enhancements to the web interface.

Among the changes, we can mention improved alters, CSS cleanup, redesigned switches, better rockstor-bootstrap service, as well as fixes for a bug in advanced-nfs exports, SFTP service toggle, and AD service status. Moreover, a bug in the network configuration was also addressed in this release.

While existing Rockstor users can upgrade to version 3.8-10 via the web-based interface right now, new users are urged to download the latest Rockstor 3.8-10 ISO image right now via Softpedia or from the project’s website if they want to install this awesome NAS solution on their computers.

As usual, the Rockstor devs wish to thank the community for their continued support and contributions. New users are always welcome into the Rockstor community, but you can find more details about the project on its website.

Via Softpedia

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