Linux News Today: Running Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 2 Has Never Been Easier with the RaspArch Live CD

Coming from the developer who brought us the RaspEX and RaspAnd Live CDs, RaspArch aims to be a tool that lets anyone install the latest Arch Linux operating system on Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computers without too much hassle.

Arne Exton informs Softpedia about the immediate availability for download of RaspArch build 151107, the second release of the Live CD, a respin of the Arch Linux operating system for ARM hardware architectures.

RaspArch uses the latest build of the lightweight LXDE desktop environment, as well as the popular GNU/Linux software like Mozilla Firefox and GIMP. Also, it now uses Linux kernel 4.1.12 LTS.

“Who should run Arch Linux/RaspArch? My answer: The system fits the ‘advanced’ Linux user/enthusiast, who would be willing to run an occasional command from time to time,” says Arne Exton.

How RaspArch works

RaspArch was designed by Arne Exton from the ground up to be easy to use, even by those who have no previous knowledge of installing GNU/Linux operating systems on a Raspberry Pi 2 SBC.

Like any other OS, RaspArch needs to be installed on a Micro SD card first, which can be used like any other Arch Linux operating system. For example, you can install new software as well as to update existing ones.

Why LXDE? Arne Exton chose the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment project as the default and only graphical interface for RaspArch because it is extremely easy to use and does not take so much space.

Of course, once you deploy RaspArch on your Raspberry Pi 2 device, you will be able to replace LXDE with any other open-source desktop environment you want, as you’ll have access to the official Arch Linux software repositories.

Download RaspArch build 151107 right now from Softpedia; the project is distributed as a compressed binary file.

Via Softpedia

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