Linux News Today: Samba 4.3.2 Released for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X, Fixes over 20 Bugs

The developers of the popular Samba software have announced the immediate availability for download of the second maintenance release of Samba 4.3.

Samba is an open-source project that re-implements the SMB/CIFS networking protocol on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, allowing users to access network-shared folders from Microsoft Windows platforms.

According to the attached changelog, Samba 4.3.2 is mostly a bugfix release that resolves over 20 issues reported by users since the previous maintenance version of the project, providing them with a more reliable and stable SMB/CIFS implementation.

Among the most significant changes introduced by the Samba 4.3.2 release, we can mention support for opening the read-only tracking database with 0600 permissions instead of 0000, as well as a patch for a memory leak in gensec authentication.

A fix for the old DOS client has been added, non-critical messages are now being displayed as warnings, a correct path is now used for names.tdb under s4:lib/messaging, and the non-blocking connect() function now works correctly.

Moreover, SMB2 oplock breaks are now sent unencrypted by the smbd daemon, share modes have been re-enabled for vfs_gpfs, and a crash that occurred during invalid idmap configuration for the winbind daemon has been fixed.

Several other important issues have been fixed

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Samba 4.3.2 also corrects a minor typo on the main page, makes the logic of the SMB2_CANCEL DLIST_REMOVE() more understandable, and adds support for accepting invalid dcerpc_bind_nak pdus.

The libreplace library has been added as a dependency for the texpect component, which patches a linking issue on Solaris operating systems, and a crash caused by the winbindd daemon in samlogon related to a trusted domain user has been fixed.

Last but not least, the have_file_open_below() function no longer fails to enumerate files that have been opened below the parent folder, and a use after bug has been patched in the smbd_smb2_request_dispatch() function.

Several Valgrind fixes have also been imported from the upstream master repository. Download Samba 4.3.2 for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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