Linux News Today: Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 Receives Its Fifth Update

Canonical has released a new update for Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04, making this the fifth version for this special version of the operating system.

Snappy Ubuntu Core is a special version of Ubuntu Core build with Snappy packages that allow transactional updates with rollback functionalists, much better security, and numerous other features. The Core edition is aimed at embedded devices and IoT hardware.

According to the changelog, a clean REST API that exposes snappy admin operations in a convenient manner for local software has been added, the ppp and watchdog middleware have been added, the basic network management is now possible by using ifupdown, kernel modules can now be blacklisted, and modem/ppp configs can be set enabling WWAN use cases.

Also, static grub.cfg is now used, avoiding the need to update-grub on upgrade, 512-byte image alignment for easier flashing to block devices is now being used, and gpio access is now provided via the hw-assign.

“An image for the RaspberryPi2 with all the above features can be expected within the next days. We will switch to a 4.2 kernel, and this round will be the last separately produced RPi2 image. Future releases will happen alongside the normal image publication process as a supported snappy architecture,” wrote Canonical’s Alexander Sack.

You can download the Snappy Ubuntu Core from the official mirrors, but please keep in mind that it’s not a regular ISO image.

Via Softpedia

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