Linux News Today: Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 Receives Secure Boot Support in Its Seventh Update

Canonical’s Michael Vogt has informed us all about the release and immediate availability for download of the seventh update for the stable Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 operating system for IoT devices.

According to Mr. Vogt’s brief announcement posted on the day of October 13, 2015, the new update for the Snappy Ubuntu Core 15.04 OS brings support for the Secure Boot feature that is enabled by UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), fixes some issues that users had with the UEFI boot, addresses various hw-assign issues, adds the “current” symlink for the data directories, and speeds up the version sort.

“We are excited to announce a new Snappy Ubuntu Core stable release (image 7 at 15.04/stable),” says Michael Vogt on behalf of the Snappy team. “The stable images were also updated to reflect the latest image available in the stable channel. If you find any issue please make sure to use to report them, including the device and image revision you’re currently using.”

Ubuntu for embedded and IoT devices

As many of you might know already, Snappy Ubuntu Core is a special version of the Ubuntu Core operating system, which uses Snappy packages instead of the regular Debian-based ones, thus allowing transactional updates with rollback functionality, additional security, and many other unique features. Ubuntu Snappy Core edition of the Ubuntu Linux OS is targeted at embedded and IoT devices.

Those of you who were eagerly awaiting for a new update for the Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 operating system, today is that day, as the new build, based on Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet), is now available for download as amd64+generic and armhf+bbb images. As usual, if you are going to install this version on your device and you discover some bugs, don’t hesitate to report them using the link above. Happy snapping everyone!

Via Softpedia

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