Linux News Today: Solus 1.0 Linux Operating System Dubbed Shannon, to Arrive in October

Earlier today, September 19, the developers of the Solus Project revealed the codename of the first ever release of the anticipated GNU/Linux operating system, Solus OS 1.0, due for release sometime in October.

We talked a lot about the Solus distro in the last year or so, as it proved to be a hot topic for the Linux community, so today we have even more good news for those of you who are eagerly waiting for the first official and stable release of the OS. Solus 1.0 is set to be released on October 1, 2015, so the developers decided to give it a “birth name” before the official release.

Therefore, we are extremely happy to announce that the Solus 1.0 operating system will be dubbed Shannon. The name comes from Ireland’s River Shannon, and it would appear that future versions of the distribution will be dubbed after other Irish rivers. In addition to codenaming the release of Solus 1.0, the developers announced that the Budgie Desktop’s notification center will be renamed Raven.

“Solus 1.0 will be codenamed Shannon, after the River Shannon in Ireland. Codenames for releases will continue this theme, using Irish rivers,” said the Solus Project developers in a Google+ post. “The notification center element of the new Budgie Desktop is to be named Raven – here we bust out the mythological element of messengers – and continue/establish an avian theme for our software.”

Solus 1.0 should be released on October 1, 2015

We reported a while ago that the Solus developers have started a fundraiser for the release of the Solus 1.0 operating system, which is expected on October 1, 2015. Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this article, the fundraiser managed to raise only $680 of what’s needed to launch the OS. Let’s hope that this will not affect the release of Solus 1.0. We will have more news about Solus 1.0 in the coming days!

Via Softpedia

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