Linux News Today: Solus' Budgie Desktop 8.3 Update Has Many Fixes for Manjaro Linux

Ikey Doherty from the Solus Project tagged version 8.3 of the cool and modern Budgie Desktop on the GitHub page of the project a few hours ago, a release that has many features for the Manjaro Linux operating system.

It appears that the Budgie Desktop 8.2 build of the desktop environment had many issues on the Manjaro Linux distribution, so the Manjaro developers asked Mr. Doherty if it would be possible to patch some things here and there. Therefore, Budgie Desktop 8.3 is mostly a bugfix release.

“Hi Philip, have a great notice for our community. I’ve talk with Ikey Doherty around Budgie Desktop, v8.2 is broken with gt 3.18,” said Stefano Capitani, maintainer of Manjaro Linux Budgie. “But now ikey respond me with this link:”

Among the changes, we can mention the addition of more Solus defaults, which can be disabled in the Budgie Settings panel, better support for LightDM login manager, implementation of a Lock button to the Session dialog, as well as deprecation of the -Werror option for

Moreover, the #237 pull request was merged from the master branch of the libcg library, executable is now preferred instead of command-line, the Super+L keyboard shortcut was fixed, an a basic “Always on top” menu item was added to the window manager.

Several other things were fixed

Furthermore, Budgie Desktop’s window manager now adapts to the latest GSD 3.16 changes, better supports the GNOME Screenshot utility, no longer trusts GdkAppLaunchContext, disables the “md” style and score tracking, and locks down the icons sizes for the system tray area.

Last but not least, popovers can now be closed using the Windows key, the start-here-symbolic icon is now used by default, window manager’s tab timeout was fixed, focus is no longer enabled on the notification’s close button, more language translations were synced, and tray icons are now locked at 24px.

Download Budgie Desktop 8.3 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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