Linux News Today: Solus' Budgie Desktop Turns 2 Years Old, Version 10 Is Full of Goodies

Ikey Doherty, father of the Solus Linux operating system, had the great pleasure of announcing the release and immediate availability for download of the Budgie Desktop 10.

The tenth release of the Budgie Desktop is not a regular one, as the awesome desktop environment designed for GNU/Linux operating system has been completely rewritten and announced as part of the Solus 1.0 distribution, for which we’ve already written an informative first-look article for your viewing pleasure.

Moreover, Budgie Desktop 10 is a special release because the project turns 2 years old. Yes, two years ago, Ikey Doherty started work on one of the most amazing desktop environments ever made, which is now being adopted by more and more OS vendors for their GNU/Linux operating systems (e.g. Manjaro Linux).

“Version 10 is a complete and utter rewrite of the Budgie Desktop from the ground up. Budgie is now also 2 years old, Woo, Go Budgie!” said Ikey Doherty. “Massive thanks go to @horst3180 for all of his effort in this rewrite, including all the assets, styling, and overall design through multiple iterations, mockups and pull requests.”

What’s new in Budgie Desktop 10

Prominent features of Budgie Desktop 10 include an all-new notification and customization center called Raven, proper support for HiDPI displays, support for multiple panels, proper support for keyboard layouts and keyboard switching, as well as support for multi-monitor configurations.

Furthermore, all the desktop’s settings are now handled by Raven, all the old settings are now being ignored because they contained bad code, there are numerous code optimizations that make the desktop a lot faster than before, and the GNOME Session has been adopted instead of the Budgie Session.

Last but not least, Budgie Desktop 10 comes with Peas, a tool that adds support for applets in multiple languages. Lots of code cleanups were done, and over 400 commits are in the making. For best results, the Budgie developers recommend that you use the Arc themes. Download Budgie Desktop 10 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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