Linux News Today: Solus' Budgie Next Desktop Is Now Integrated Into GNOME Session, Multilib Arises

A few hours ago, on December 13, Josh Strobl from the Solus Project had the great pleasure of publishing the fourteenth installment of the awesome This Week in Solus newsletter.

In the week that has just passed, the Solus Linux developers managed to add some more features to the next-generation Budgie Desktop interface, which has now been integrated into the GNOME Session, using its phase initialization system.

What this means is that, while Budgie Next will run in the panel initialization phase, the default window manager starts in the WindowManager phase. Additionally, Raven, Budgie’s notification center, now integrates various information about themes and icons.

The Solus devs have also begun working on Budgie Next’s panel editor, which you can see in the screenshot attached on the right. The Budgie Next desktop environment starts to look pretty slick, and we literally can’t wait to give it a try when Solus 1.0 is out.

Multilib and software updates

In the second part of the newsletter, the Solus Linux developers explain what they managed to accomplish for the multilib functionality in the GNU/Linux operating system, allowing the installation of 32-bit applications and libraries.

“As you may multilib has been a large item on our path to 1.0. Ikey has been working extensively this week on the multi-stage process for landing 32-bit libraries, and we are happy to report that 32-bit enabled GCC is now landing in the repositories,” said Josh Strobl.

Last but not least, there were a few updated packages this week in Solus, among which we can mention Atom 1.3.1, Adobe Flash Player, Geany 1.26, Disks 3.18.3, Git 2.6.4, Lollypop 0.9.75, PHP 7.0.0, R 3.2.3, Rust 1.5.0, SuperTuxKart 0.9.1, qBittorrent 3.3.1, youtube-dl 2015.12.09, and, of course, Linux kernel 4.1.14 LTS.

See you next week for another installation of This Week in Solus!

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