Linux News Today: Solus Distro Offers a Selection of Seven Internet Browsers

The Solus operating system is coming along and it seems that the October 1 launch date is set in stone. Users will be happy to know that they have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the Internet browser.

Solus is making some good progress, but we didn’t receive any big news from the project for a while. The developers are hard at work and it looks like they want to make sure that people will have a lot of choices. It will be the same for many categories of applications and the browsers are just an example.

As it stands right now, users will get to choose from Chrome (Stable, Beta & Dev), Epiphany, Firefox, Lynx, Midori, Opera, and Vivaldi (Technical Preview). Some of the Firefox offshoots are missing from the selection, but there are more than enough already.

The Solus project is also looking to get more funds ahead of the launch. The success it registered has put some pressure on the developers and just maintaining the repos and all the other components is becoming very costly. We need to remember that Solus is a free OS and that they are doing this in their free time.

As usual, you can download the latest Solus build from Softpedia and tell us what you think about it. Please keep in mind that it’s still under development and it’s not for production machines.

Via Softpedia

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