Linux News Today: Solus Has a Really Good Week, Gets First RC and Firefox Compliance

The Solus developers had a very busy week, and they’ve pushed quite a few updates out the door, not to mention the first Release Candidate for the project.

Solus seems to be coming along, and the developers have made significant progress. They finally managed to fix some of the issues that have been dealing with, and their new driver manager is also ready to be deployed. All in all, it’s been a good week, and it means that we are definitely getting closer to a stable versions.

The new Release Candidate that was made available has replaced the previous Beta and users finally have something newer and more stable to test. It’s a lot more close to what they will get once the stable edition is ready for a proper launch. With any luck, that will happen by the end of the year, and it’s probably that developers are aiming for.

More improvements have landed for Solus

Solus is still getting quite a few updated packages, and it’s likely that we’ll see many more others in the weeks to come.

“We were happy to announce Solus 1.0 Release Candidate 1 last Thursday. We have gotten an immense amount of feedback since then, bug reports to tackle, and lots of new package requests! We also can confidently say that we reached over 2000 downloads of the RC1 ISO, across reported mirrors and BitTorrent, which is fantastic for a Release Candidate!” wrote developers Josh Strobl.

The team also managed to tame Firefox, which caused them quite a few problems. You can download the latest Solus release candidate from Sofpedia, if you want to give it a spin. It works just fine in a virtual environment, and make sure that you don’t use a production machine. Also, don’t forget the systems regularly, even if it’s just an RC.

Via Softpedia

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