Linux News Today: Solus Is Getting a Cool Driver Management Tool Called DoFlicky

The Solus operating system is still under construction, and it looks like a lot of cool packages are getting implemented, including a new one called DoFlicky that will help users install drivers much easier.

It looks like another week has passed without a stable Solus launch, but we can see that the developers have been quite busy. They have a lot of new things on their plate, and changes are constantly being made to the operating system, whether it’s an upgrade for the Budgie desktop environment or just their constant struggle with the Steam client.

In any case, Solus is clearly advancing even if it’s just doing this in small steps. A lot of users are expecting to install and use this new operating system, and the developers are trying to provide the best possible experience for them. They dodged a bullet a month ago when they were almost ready to launch version 1.0, but it turns out that they still had some work to do.

Solus is evolving

The Solus team is no longer providing launch dates for the 1.0 release, and that is actually a very good idea. This way, they are no longer pressured to offer an OS that has a timetable attached to it.

“We are currently in the process of creating debug information (-dbginfo) packages for software in the Solus operating system. These debug information packages will enable us to debug software under Solus, and we plan to have a system to automatically generate stack traces for coredumps uploaded to our system. Currently, the driver management graphical tool, referred to as DoFlicky, is taking priority. We have recently enabled the NVIDIA 304xx legacy driver, with 340xx and AMD planned as well,” wrote Josh Strobl in his regular weekly update.

You can download the latest Solus Beta from Softpedia and take it for a spin, but don’t forget to update it as soon as possible.

Via Softpedia

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