Linux News Today: Solus Operating System Gets a Fix for Acer C720 Boot

The Solus developers have been working to fix a problem with their system on the famous Acer C720 laptop. It might not seem like a big deal, but that’s only for people who don’t have an Acer C720.

The world can be split into two categories: people who had an Acer C720 and people who will have one. Chromebook is really popular with Linux users because it’s friendly and it allows people to run other OSes on it with great ease. If you look for tutorials online on how to get Linux working on a Chromebook, you’ll see that most of them recommend an Acer C720.

Acer hit a homerun with this Chromebook since it’s quite good, given its specs, and really cheap. It would be a shame if Solus didn’t run on this platform, but the developers have been working on a way to fix the problems.

Solus on Chromebooks

Some of you might have noticed a piece of news from last week, where the Solus developers announced that they had forked gummiboot in order to create their own UEFI bootloader. Well, now developers have also managed to fix a pesky syslinux problem that was preventing the OS from booting on Acer C720.

“We’ve fixed the Acer C720 (Chromebook) issue in syslinux, whereby SeaBIOS reserves the lower 16MB of memory, causing syslinux to enter into an infinite reboot loop. So we’ll want to be getting feedback from folks on how to improve support for these devices if you get a chance to test, we know that there’s work to be done yet on gestures and mulittouch – but we’ll get there,” Ikey Doherty wrote on Google+.

Solus is coming along, and it looks like more problems have been corrected in anticipation of the release, which should happen sometime before Christmas if the old and powerful Murphy doesn’t pass any laws against it.

Via Softpedia

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