Linux News Today: Solus Operating System Is Being Delayed Due to Bad Karma

The Solus operating system was supposed to launch on October 1, but it looks like it’s running a little bit late. Its developers have had a number of small setbacks, but things seem to be back on track now.

Building a new operating system from scratch, without basing it on something else, like Ubuntu or Linux Mint for example, is a difficult task and developers will run into a lot of problems. If you think about the fact that the distro comes with its own desktop environment, you start to get a sense of just how complicated things can get.

Solus was initially announced for October 1, but developers had to postpone the launch for a couple of days. This is where problems have started to pile up, and the team has been forced to deal with one issue after another. Now, they don’t want to advance a new launch date, and they are working around the clock to make sure that Solus is in tip-top shape when it finally arrives.

Delaying the project is usually a good thing

Most of the people in the Linux community who are waiting for the launch of Solus agree that delaying the project’s launch is a good thing and that the team need to take as much time as they need to make sure that the stable version is just that, stable.

“Many apologies about the consistent delays, but we’re being hit by Murphy’s Law from every angle. So far we’ve had me being internetless twice, a builder has been bricked, my own install has been bricked once (but fixed), etc.. We’ll let you know when things are ready. We’re now not putting an absolute ‘this is when you can get it’ time out, because it seems to be causing infinitely bad luck,” said Ikey Doherty, the leader of the project.

We’re staying in touch with Ikey and we’ll make sure people learn about the official launch of Solus as soon as possible. Keep an eye on this space for updates on the matter.

Via Softpedia

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