Linux News Today: Solus OS Will Get a New Logo Soon, Budgie Desktop Might Support Wayland

Solus Project’s Joshua Strobl posted a very informative article on his website about the work done by the team in preparation for the final build of the Solus 1.0 GNU/Linux operating system, due for release on October 1, 2015.

We have just reported the other day that the developers of Solus codenamed the 1.0 released “Shannon,” inspired by the River Shannon in Ireland, and renamed the Notification Center component of Solus’ Budgie Desktop to Raven.

According to Mr. Strobl, the team is currently working on a brand-new logo for the Solus operating system, which will be unveiled just before the launch of the first ever release of the independent GNU/Linux distribution. Moreover, there was a lot of work done for the Budgie Desktop, which might support the Wayland display server.

“I talked to Ikey about his progress on Budgie so far and things seem to be going well. He is currently investigating Wayland as a viable option, by way of a technical preview,” says Joshua Strobl. “He later stated that by using Wayland-friendly popovers, we’ll have a proper input model, no ‘X11 grab issues and thus no 100% CPU cycle wars.'”

Numerous packages have been updated

As expected, Solus’s software repositories have been populated with numerous updated packages, among which we can mention Shotwell 0.22.0, QEMU 2.4.0, FileZilla 3.14.0, uGet 2.0.2, Git 2.5.3, Bitmessage 0.4.4, Node.js 4.1.0, Telegram 0.8.57, TinyXML 2.6.2, Conky Manager 2.3.3, libraw 0.17.0, libiconv 1.14, python-qt4 4.11.4, and python-qt5 5.5.

Additionally, the python-sip package has been added, the gvfs utility has been updated with support for Samba, gPhoto2, and libbluray, the darktable photo editor has been fixed, and the libgphoto2 library received an exif dependency fix. You can download the latest snapshot of the Solus operating system right now from either Softpedia or the Solus Project’s website.

Via Softpedia

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