Linux News Today: Solus to Have Two Years of Support, Major New Features Coming in 2016

Now that the Solus operating system has reached version 1.0, the developers are looking towards the future, and they have explained what they are planning for the coming year.

Building an OS from scratch is a really difficult task, but the Solus OS developers have managed to finally ship a 1.0 version of their distribution. The thing is that 1.0 doesn’t mean that the OS is complete, just that it’s stable. If anything, from what the devs have shared until now, it looks like they still have a lot of work to do.

Solus OS already has a lot of promise, but its makers know that it can be better. They have clear plans for the updates, support, and upcoming features. With Solus being an open source project, it means that all of these ideas are pretty much transparent, and anyone can see what’s coming.

Solus to be supported for two years

The Solus devs have explained that each new major version of the OS, like 1.0 or 2.0m, will be supported for two years, and each release will receive four big updates each year. Since the distro is really young, the first few updates will bring a lot of new features.

Here is what the developers are planning for 2016 for Solus 1.1: complete HP driver support, full fglrx support, software center update, hotcorner support for Budgie, fix Steam for non-NVIDIA systems.

Other features that will land in 2016 include opt-in telemetry, full-disk encryption support, “Recover OS” capability, weather applet in Raven, and a lot more.

It will be a real challenge for the Solus devs to keep to this insane schedule, but if they manage to make it past the first year, they will have an amazing distro on their hands that is really different than anything done right now in the Linux world.

You can download Solus 1.0 right now from Softpedia or from the official website and take it for a spin.

Via Softpedia

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