Linux News Today: SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition Officially Released, Based on Debian 9 "Stretch"

Immediately after announcing the release of the SparkyLinux 4.2 GameOver Edition operating system, the SparkyLinux developers were happy to publish details about the SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition Live CD.

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” operating system and powered by Linux kernel 4.3, the SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition distribution is here to provide system administrators with a large set of tools that can be used for scanning and fixing broken partitions, files, and even operating systems.

“SparkyLinux “Rescue” Edition is an operating system which works in live DVD/USB mode only. The Live system contains a large set of tools for scanning and fixing files, partitions and operating systems installed on hard drives,” reads today’s announcement.

What’s new in SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition

SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition comes with the Partimage, Partclone, Clonezilla, FSArchive, Grsync, luckyBackup, and DDRescue backup tools, VeraCrypt, Cryptsetup, zuluCrypt, zuluMount, and Tcplay disk and partition encryption utilities, as well as the Zypper, APT, YUM, and RPM package managers.

Built around the lightweight Openbox window manager, SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition adds the Boot Repair tool for fixing broken bootloaders, the Chroot and Chrooter software for chrooting into GNU/Linux distributions, and the TeskDisk, GParted, Parted, Fdisk, Gdisk, Disktype, and Cfdisk disk managers.

Furthermore, there are many file manipulation tools, including PCManFM, Tux Commander, Eraser, Midnight Commander, Xarchiver, Shred, PhotoRec, and Wipe, the Gigolo, Remmina, TeamViewer, and rdesktop remote desktop managers, and the htop, nmon, top, and lxrandr monitoring tools.

Includes tools for cracking Windows passwords

Those who want to crack Microsoft Windows passwords can use ophcrack, or access Microsoft Windows networks with the Samba client. Additionally, you can clean PCs for viruses and other malware with the ClamAV, ClamTK, Chkrootkit, and Rkhunter applications.

SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition supports the EXT3, EXT4, Btrfs, XFS, Reiser4, ReiserFS, JFS, UDF, UFS, LVM2, NILFS2, F2FS, HPFS, HFS, HFS+, MINIX, Time Machine FS, ISO9660, NTFS, MS DOS, vFAT, and ExFAT file systems. Download SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Edition right now from Softpedia.

SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Apps

SparkyLinux 4.2 Rescue Apps

Via Softpedia

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