Linux News Today: Steam Controller Responsiveness Further Improved with New Steam Beta Client Update

Valve is on fire and has released a new update for the Steam Beta client, continuing to fix some issues with the Steam controller and with the In-Home Streaming function.

Valve released three major updates for the Steam client in that past few days. They brought some new features to the Steam controller, but it’s easy to see why that is happening. The controller is now in the users’ hands, and they are providing a lot more feedback than the regular testers.

Also, the Steam Machines are now in the wild, and they are also providing feedback to Valve. This is the main reason we see big changes to In-Home Streaming and other such functions. The SteamOS is no longer the developers’ main focus, but the Steam client itself and the support for the controllers.

From the looks of it, Valve launched three different products, the Steam Controlled, the Steam Link, and the Steam Machines, but the controllers are by far the most interesting of the bunch.

The Steam Controller support is getting better

Each new update managed to bring new stuff for the Steam Controller, but the latest release is mostly about fixes.

According to the changelog, the responsiveness and reliability of changing bindings or settings during gameplay have been improved, several instances of legacy local bindings, not loading have been fixed, changing bindings or settings during gameplay in Guest mode is now possible, the legacy local bindings in configuration browser are now tagged, and the Export dialog has been disabled when in Guest mode.

Also, the NVIDIA NVFBC encoder is now available as a separate option under Advanced Host Settings in Big Picture mode, and a previous change that was made to the bitrate of games running below 60 FPS has been reversed until a better solution can be found.

If you want to properly use the Steam controller, you need to get the Beta version of the client.

Via Softpedia

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