Linux News Today: Steam for Linux Now Correctly Shows Only SteamOS/Linux Games in Big Picture Mode

Valve always made sure that its Steam digital store’s gaming library can be easily filtered by the operating system used by users, making it easier for them to find games that work only on their platform.

Many of us Steam for Linux users already know that Valve allows us to view only the games from our library that are compatible with the SteamOS operating system, as well as any other GNU/Linux operating system.

Of course, we’re talking here about the normal version of the desktop client, not the Big Picture mode, which apparently still does not work as expected and it doesn’t show games that are only compatible with SteamOS and Linux distros in the Steam Store.

If you have the latest stable release of the Steam for Linux, and you access the Store section while in Big Picture mode, you’ll notice that it displays games that aren’t compatible with Linux, nor SteamOS.

Latest Steam for Linux Beta client has many new features

However, it would appear that the latest Beta releases of the Steam for Linux client now correctly displays only games that are compatible with SteamOS and Linux, despite the fact that only the SteamOS logo is currently shown for them.

We’ve made a few tests, switching a few times between the stable and Beta client of Steam for Linux, and indeed the feature now works correctly in Big Picture mode, making it much easier for Linux and SteamOS users to find games that are compatible with their operating system.

As expected, most of these improvements land in the Steam for Linux client because of the Steam Machines, so we should see more of them in the near future, as Valve tries to promote them the best they can. In the meantime, Steam for Linux usage is still under 1%.

Via Softpedia

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