Linux News Today: SteamOS Finally Gets Proper Filters to Sort by OS

Valve has finally fixed one of the most annoying and ridiculous bugs that were present in the Steam client and implicitly on SteamOS.

The Linux and SteamOS users noticed a long time ago that it wasn’t possible to sort the games in the library that were only working on that system and that the Store was also lacking some kind of filter.

Both of these issues have been addressed in the past few weeks, and it’s now possible to see just the supported Linux games in the library, and a new option has been added in the store.

The store option is disabled by default, so if you want to see other games that are not supported by the current operating systems, you will need to check that option. This will allow users to see, buy, but not download content that’s present only on other platforms.

“By default, Steam will feature only games and applications that can be played on your current operating system. You can use the following option to show all the available content,” reads the option that can be found under Settings, in the Store.

SteamOS is officially released

Important changes have been made to the Steam client, and a new update was released in the same day of the Steam Machines launch. We covered the subject in detail if you want to know more about that update.

From the looks of it, Valve is still not pushing for the adoption of SteamOS and the Steam Machines. We remarked yesterday that even if the Steam Machines have been listed on the official website, the launch date has been set for November 21 or November 28, at best. A few of the consoles are still listed as coming soon.

With that in mind, please remember that you don’t need to buy a premade PC / console just for SteamOS. You can download and install that operating system on the PC of your choosing.

Via Softpedia

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