Linux News Today: Stunt Rally 2.6 Open-Source Racing Game Adds New Sound Engine, 5 Tracks and 2 Vehicles

The Stunt Rally developers have released a new version of their awesome open-source car racing game for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, version 2.6, which adds numerous goodies.

Looking at the comprehensive changelog (attached at the end of the article for reference), Stunt Rally 2.6 adds 5 new tracks, which means that there are now a total of 172 tracks in the games, one new car, the Y7, and one new bike, the BV.

Furthermore, Stunt Rally 2.6 adds 3D signs above the road for turns, long turns, jumps, and loops, introduces a new game engine based on OpenAL Soft, adds a new reverberation sound effect that changes along the scenery, as well as proper distance fade and pan.

The Alien buildings have been updated, and some new ones added, an underwater effect (fog in fluids) has been implemented, some memory leaks have been plugged, ghosts can now be tracked for reversed direction on all supported tracks, and it is now possible to restore dynamic object positions.

Players can now use the F5 key to reload the game quickly, but they can also use the Shift+F5 shortcut to force a full reload of the game only if the cars are being reloaded. Moreover, there’s a new set of car colors that can be loaded from the config/colors.ini file, and Stunt Rally now supports any number of wheels and cars.

Numerous issues have been fixed

In addition to the great new features implemented in Stunt Rally 2.6, there are also many fixes, especially for the HUD damage and progress display, for the sphere replay, for motionblur on the Microsoft Windows platform, and for the update operation of effects’ sliders. The file format for ghosts and replays has been rewritten from scratch to be up to 4 times smaller in size than before.

Last but not least, the Tires tab has been updated with lots of hard sim tires, the Checkpoint Beam has received some attention and it now works in splitscreen mode, the Editor has two new features, and some other small issues have been addressed. Download Stunt Rally 2.6 for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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