Linux News Today: Super Mario Bros. Clone SuperTux Gets New Major Release After 10 Years in the Making

Max Teufel had the great pleasure of announcing this past weekend the immediate availability for download of a new major update for his awesome SuperTux arcade/adventure game, a clone of Super Mario Bros. featuring Tux the penguin, for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

SuperTux 0.4.0 is here after more than ten years in development, bringing a great number of improvements and bugfixes, such as a completely rewritten game engine that has been based on the OpenGL, OpenAL and SDL2 libraries, support for language translations, along with an in-game download manager for translations and add-ons.

Furthermore, SuperTux 0.4.0 includes a bonus Island III level, a final boss in the Icy Island level, a Forest Island level (currently incomplete), development levels for Incubator Island, better sound effects, a much-improved soundtrack, new bad guys, power-ups, and bonuses, as well as a Halloween tilemap.

After more than a decade of slow, but hard development the SuperTux team is happy to announce the first stable release after 0.1.3 (which was released on 2005-07-09), 0.4.0,” said Max Teufel in the GitHub announcement. “A big thanks also to our translators who worked very hard, even providing translations for strings changed after the announced string freeze.”

New graphic effects, scriptable levels and world maps, etc.

But wait, there’s more, as SuperTux 0.4.0 introduces some cool new graphic effects, which include particles and glowing objects, makes the world maps and levels scriptable via Squirrel, adds a bunch of new game objects with scripting APIs, including switches, wind, trampolines, moving platforms, and portable stones.

Last but not least, the statistics have been improved, and there are a great number of other under-the-hood changes, such as efficiency improvements, unit tests, and fixes for most of those annoying bugs reported by users over the years. Download SuperTux 0.4.0 right now for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Via Softpedia

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