Linux News Today: SUSE Brings GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 5.2 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

SUSE, through George Shi, had the great pleasure of announcing the release of the Toolchain Module for their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 operating system, which includes the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) software and related projects.

While the first release of the SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) 12 operating system came with the latest GCC updates that were available at that moment in time, the recent release of the latest GCC 5.2 compiler forced the SUSE developers to update their Toolchain Module.

SLES’ Toolchain Module has been designed by SUSE engineers to allow developers to take advantage of the new features that are implemented in the latest GCC releases. The new release brings new optimizations and improved language support, especially for C++14, Fortran 2008 and Fortran 2015.

“In the 2014 GA (general availability) release, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 included updates for the GCC. With the most recent GCC 5.2 release, it’s time to make the new compiler collection available through the Toolchain Module,” says George Shi. “The Toolchain Module will be updated again next year once GCC 6 is released.”

Here’s how to get the new Toolchain Module in SLES 12

Besides including the latest and greatest GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 5.2 software in the updated Toolchain Module, SUSE also updated the GNU binutils package, which contains basic binary tools, as well as the GNU debugger (GDB) software, along with their dependencies for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.

SUSE instructs its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 customers to install or update to the latest Toolchain Module using the built-in YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) setup and configuration tool. After adding the Toolchain Module, they will be able to use the new GCC 5.2 compiler by installing the gcc5 package, as well as the patch for the runtime environment.

Invoking the GCC 5 compiler driver is easy, just use “gcc-5” (e.g. gcc-5 -O2 hello.c -o hello). In the same announcement, SUSE informs its SLES 12 customers that the next update to the Toolchain Module will be available next year, when the GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) 6 is officially released.

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