Linux News Today: Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 Gets Its First Release Candidate Build with Multiple Fixes

Robert Shingledecker has had the please of informing us about the immediate availability for download and testing of the first Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 operating system.

According to the release notes, Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 RC1 adds various small improvements to Tiny Core Linux 6.4. For example, the tce-load and tce-setup components have been modified to no longer leave a hanging /mnt/test directory, and quote arguments were implemented in the ondemand and tc-functions components.

Moreover, the tc-functions component now allows passing of arguments to the ondemand items without the need for .desktop files, both the ondemand and tc-functions components can now pass arguments, and the former will no longer start by itself.

“Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce that Tiny Core 6.4.1 rc1 is available for public testing,” says Robert Shingledecker, maintainer of Tiny Core Linux. “This is a release candidate. If you decide to help test, then please test carefully. We don’t want anyone to lose data. We appreciate testing and feedback.”

All Tiny Core Linux editions are now available for download

Tiny Core fans who are interested in taking this first Release Candidate build of the upcoming Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 operating system for a test drive can download the ISO images of Tiny Core 6.4.1 RC1, Tiny Core Plus 6.4.1 RC1, and Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 RC1 right now from Softpedia.

Please try to keep in mind that these are all pre-release versions of the Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 distribution, which will see the light of day in the coming weeks. Thus, we don not recommend installing any of the above operating systems on production machines where stability is of the essence. The final release of Tiny Core Linux 6.4.1 should hit the streets in the coming weeks.

Via Softpedia

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