Linux News Today: Twitch Users Prepare for the Biggest Collaborative Arch Linux Installation Ever

In about eleven hours from the moment of writing this article, we will witness the biggest collaborative Arch Linux installation ever created, which will be hosted by Amazon’s live streaming video platform.

Dubbed “Twitch Installs Arch Linux,” the event is addressed to all Twitch users who want to install the Arch Linux operating system. Many of you out there know that Arch Linux is one of the hardest to install GNU/Linux distributions in the world, after Gentoo, so the entire event will be quite fun to watch.

While the Twitch Installs Arch Linux event has no rules, some milestones have been set by the organizers, such as boot the distribution from the disk drive, configure a fully working X Window System (X11), install a GameBoy emulator and play Pokemon, code a “Hello World!” script in Python, as well as install the Irssi IRC client and join the #twitchinstalls Freenode chat.

“Remember how chaotic Twitch Plays Pokemon was? Now we have a much harder challenge: install Arch Linux,” was stated on the event’s page. “Every ten seconds, the most popular keystroke in Twitch chat will be entered into an Arch Linux virtual machine.”

A winner is you

Whenever one of the milestones mentioned above is met, Twitch will offer attendees some cool things that have not yet been mentioned on the event’s web page, which will add to the excitement of the Twitch Installs Arch Linux event, which will start later tonight, two hours before midnight.

So, what you think? Are you up for the challenge? It looks to us that many of you want to get a head start, as we are currently experiencing a large number of users accessing our “A Beginners’ Guide to Installing Arch Linux” tutorial, which we have to admit is not a very bad idea. Have fun!

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