Linux News Today: UbuContest 2015 Winners Announced, Gaming Is Leading the Charge on Ubuntu Touch

The winners of the UbuContest 2015 have been announced and it’s not really a huge surprise that the game “Falldown” has been mentioned first.

Canonical organized a contest for developers to entice them to build apps and games for the Ubuntu platform, and they had a few months to prepare and send their submissions. Quite a few apps have been sent and 22 of them have been selected for the contest. Not all of them won, of course, but at least you now know what you’re certainly going to try next.

The company that builds Ubuntu Touch, Canonical, refused to make some sort of emulator or to find any other solution in order to run Android apps. This would have helped them tremendously, but they wanted to do their own thing. Having native apps on your platform is a much better solution than emulating other platforms, but it will take a while to get things off the ground. All new mobile OSes face this problem and it looks like Ubuntu is fighting the same battles.

Ubuntu needs apps

Famous apps are usually one of the most requested things for Ubuntu. Everybody wants to know when Whatsapp will arrive on Ubuntu, for example, and the answer to this question is not as easy as you might think. It’s never no, but it’s never yes.

“Best Team Entry: First place goes to Team ReMoTe for ‘Falldown’, which already was the most popular game in the store last month. Second place goes to Team UbunTouch-fr for their ‘OpenFoodFacts’ app, which we featured in our first UbuContest Story. Best Individual Entry: First place goes to Simon Stürz for ‘Monster Wars’, another game that immediately became popular among our users. The incredibly addicting ‘Click the Cookie’ game got Jorik van Nielen the second place, and the third place is awarded to the popular ‘WifiTransfer’ utility written by Stuart Langridge,” wrote Verfasst von Sujeevan on the website.

Other two prizes, The Outstanding Non-Technical Contribution and The Outstanding Technical Contribution, went to Kevin Feyder and Niklas Wenzel, respectively.

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