Linux News Today: Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Official Wallpaper Revealed

You know that a new Ubuntu release is just around the corner when the official wallpaper is made available in Launchpad. Guess what? Now we know what the new wallpaper for Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is.

As usual, don’t expect to see something completely different from Ubuntu 15.04. Canonical follows a very strict direction for the wallpapers; they are usually just a little bit different from the one that preceded it. It happened only once for Ubuntu to get a different kind of wallpaper, a couple of years ago when they moved from the orange tint to a purple tint.

Also, Canonical has a design direction to follow and a general theme that was adopted a while back. It’s called Suru, and it borrows elements from Origami. That’s the reason why you see folding marks on the image.

As usual, the new background will get some detractors who are getting tired of seeing the same kind of stuff but remember that the desktop needs to remain easily recognizable. This is a common practice, and it’s been employed by Ubuntu for a very long time.

The new wallpaper was released on Launchpad, but Will Cooke, who is also the lead of the Ubuntu desktop flavor, but it’s actually designed by Alex Milazzo. Don’t worry if you don’t spot too many differences, but you should notice the different folding, models. Below is the version from Ubuntu 15.04.

Via Softpedia

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