Linux News Today: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Let Users Move the Unity Launcher at the Bottom of the Screen

According to a recent submission published by Marco Trevisan a few minutes ago on the Launchpad repository of the Unity 7 project, it would appear that we might be able to rotate the Unity interface and place it at the bottom of the screen.

Marco Trevisan is one of the developers working for the Ubuntu Kylin flavor of Ubuntu Linux. He started to develop the new UnityShell-Rotated-Kylin functionality back in mid-September, but today, December 22, 2015, he has finally managed to propose his branch for merging into Ubuntu.

“From a high level prospective, I can say that launcher works quite well (nice work!). I’ve not checked all the internals, but I like most of things I see. The Hud should always show the embedded icon in this case, the changes are included in lp:~3v1n0/unity/rotated-improvements,” says Marco Trevisan.

As you might know, the upcoming Ubuntu 16.04 release will be an LTS (Long-Term Supported) one, so it will still ship with the stable and reliable Unity 7 user interface as the default desktop environment. Unity 8 will be available as well, but as an alternative, experimental session.

So having an option that moves the Unity launcher from the left of the screen to the bottom, it is quite clear that it has to be one of the most requested features by users since the day Ubuntu introduced the Unity interface. Rest assured that we will be covering this subject a lot in the coming months, as soon as the new option becomes live in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Via Softpedia

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