Linux News Today: Ubuntu-Based Mycroft AI Goes to Indiegogo for the Camera

Mycroft is an open hardware home A.I. platform that already managed to get funds on Kickstarter, and its makers have decided try Indiegogo as well in order to complete their plans.

Mycroft is a device based on Raspberry Pi 2 that runs Ubuntu Core, and it already got a lot of traction. Even if these two platforms have been around for a long time, the power of this device relies on the software being used. This is why the first stretch on Kickstarter was such a big deal. The promised to release the voice recognition part for Linux desktops, and that would be a great feature to have.

As it stands right now, there are no good software solutions to control the Linux desktop. There are a couple available, but they’re not maintained and not all that good. On the other hand, the Mycroft version seems to be a lot more configurable, and its makers are already working with the Ubuntu team to bring it to the desktop.

Indiegogo campaign is just for the camera

The second stretch goal for the Kickstarter campaign was about adding a camera to Mycroft that would be able to extend the power of the device, although it’s not clear yet in what way that would happen.

“Our original campaign was 127% funded ($127,500) with 1,120 backers on another platform. With such strong backing, we have decided to continue the campaign so we can develop and ship our camera extension module. This module will give Mycroft the ability to see its environment and better interact with users,” wrote the Mycroft team on Indiegogo.

For now, they are looking for an additional $25,000 (€22,000) to complete the initial project. It’s going to be a difficult ride, but Mycroft has an immense potential. The fact the team is also working closely with Linux devs is a great plus.

Make sure that you visit their Indiegogo project and support them over there as well.

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