Linux News Today: Ubuntu Has a Cool Option to Change the Volume with the Mouse Wheel

There are some less known features in Ubuntu, but they are usually announced or presented at some point during the development cycle. There is a really nice feature that allows users to change the volume in the OS, but it’s not advertised.

I covered a lot of Ubuntu releases over the years, and I know pretty much all of the features and options that are available or at least possible in the distro, from a user point of view. I had no idea that you can change the volume in the OS without having to open the sound indicator, and I’m not talking about key shortcuts.

If you move the mouse cursor over the sound indicator in the top left and just scroll the mouse wheel, without clicking, you’ll be over to set the volume up or down. I had no idea when this feature was introduced and how long I’ve been missing out, but it’s nice to discover new things in a distro I thought it doesn’t hold any secrets. As far as I can remember, this hasn’t been mentioned until now in release notes, but I could be mistaking.

Now I think that there are probably other cool features hidden or less advertised, so if you know, a nice option like this one make sure that you leave a comment below so that other people can benefit from it.

Via Softpedia

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