Linux News Today: Ubuntu MATE with the Numix Theme Looks Great, Might Get Included by Default

The main developer of Ubuntu MATE, Martin Wimpress, is experimenting with the Numix icons and themes, and he seems to like the result.

The Numix team of designers produce among the best themes and icon sets that you can find for Linux systems, and they are available for numerous distributions. They have been around for some time and they have refined their work tremendously. It’s almost impossible to find anything that can even match their level of quality.

This is probably why Martin Wimpress has tried their theme and round icon set, and the result is definitely something special. To be fair, the round icons are easy to distinguish, and they’ve become something of a signature for the team. You immediately know that’s the Numix set when you see them.

“I’ve been tinkering with +Numix Project on Ubuntu MATE 15.04. Everything integrated very nicely indeed,” said Marting on Google+. A lot of users from the community have expressed interest in this, and it might not be too late to get this ready for the Ubuntu MATE 15.10 release that should happen on October 22.

From the looks of it, the guys from the Numix are already on board and they are talking with Martin. The result of that might be some improvements to the Numix theme, to Ubuntu MATE, or even the integration by default in some future version of the distro.

Via Softpedia

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