Linux News Today: Ubuntu Phone Music App Is Getting More Features, Spotify Support a Possibility

Ubuntu Phone Music App is the perfect example of platform convergence. It’s pretty much the same code running on the phones and on the desktop, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved, tremendously.

The Ubuntu Phone Music App is made by community developers, but their efforts are recognized by Canonical. Being in charge of a core apps in Ubuntu Touch is no small task, but since Ubuntu for phones is pretty much a Linux distro, that shouldn’t really be all that surprising. For example, Rhythmbox is included by default in Ubuntu, but it’s not made by the Ubuntu devs, and the same can be said about many other packages.

The convergence principle that governs Canonical’s direction is no longer a hypothetical one, and that’s becoming more obvious now. You can already turn the Ubuntu phone into a desktop, with some minor inconveniences for now, and you can run some of the apps from the phone on the desktop. The good thing is that you can’t really tell that it’s a mobile app, unless you’re being told.

The Ubuntu Phone Music App is getting better

A new music app means that it lacks functionality, so its developers want to know what to take care of first. There are a number of items on the table, and the community has been asked to participate by completing a simple poll on Google+.

“What should we consider working on next in the Ubuntu Phone Music App? +Andrew Hayzen and +Victor Thompson are the lead community developers of the Ubuntu Phone Music App. They asked me to create a poll to see what our users think they should work on next. What do you think?” wrote community manager Alan Pope.

From the options presented in the poll, available on Google+, it looks like people are preferring “Dynamic playlist of played songs” as the main feature. It’s also interesting to note that Ubuntu devs are also working on Spotify integration, but that might take a while.

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