Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Developers' Main Focus Is Unity 8 Convergence for Ubuntu Phones

On the last day of November, which also happened to be the first day of the 49th week of 2015, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak sent in his daily report to inform us all about the latest work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers for the upcoming OTA-9 software update for Ubuntu Phones.

According to Mr. Zemczak, Monday was a fairly quite day for landings, as there was only a new version of the System Settings app published for OTA-9. Our guess is that most of the Ubuntu Touch developers are still recovering from the weekend break, not to mention the fact that there were several special events, such as Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

However, during the week that just passed, the forthcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 software update for Ubuntu phone devices only saw a new Unity 8 users interface, along with an updated version of the QtMir display server and a new version of the QtUbuntu package that holds the Qt plugins need for Ubuntu Application API and Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA).

“This week started off rather quietly, with only a new ubuntu-system-settings released today. There were some landings during the weekend though: a new unity8 + qtmir + qtubuntu mostly with pocket-desktop related changes,” said Łukasz Zemczak. “Really nice to see so much development happening in this direction – convergence is our focus.”

Convergence is the main focus for Ubuntu Touch devs

As noted in Mr. Zemczak’s report, convergence is the main focus of Ubuntu Touch developers, and we already know that 2016 will a great year for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Phones. It will be the year when we will be able to connect our Ubuntu-powered mobile phones to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and have a fully functional desktop in a few seconds.

On the other hand, great changes will also happen to the Ubuntu Desktop, as starting with Ubuntu 16.10, the next-generation Unity 8 user interface might come pre-installed and it will gradually replace the current Unity 7 UI that’s already becoming deprecated. Tomorrow we shall have more details about the development progress of Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system.

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