Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Is Being Ported for Oneplus 2

Oneplus 2 is available for order if you’re lucky enough to get an invite to buy one of these new high-end devices. The developer who is working on porting Ubuntu Touch for the first one has promised that he’s also going to port the OS from Canonical to this second one as well.

The information regarding the porting process for Oneplus surfaced all the way back in February, and it seems to be a complicated process, but the developer has made a lot of progress with it. He even managed to get the OTA updates going to the devices, and it’s probably the phone with the best support right now, outside of the official project.

Canonical has a very handy wiki for users who want to make Ubuntu work on their phones, and there is a complete documentation, but most of the developers usually hit the same wall. The drivers for some of the components, like Wi-Fi or the module that controls the connection to the carriers, are usually proprietary blobs, and they are hard to adapt to a new OS. Basically, these drivers differ from one device to another, so it’s impossible to make an OS that works on everything.

Oneplus port is still underway

Some of you might have already noticed that Oneplus still has no Cellular Radio, Bluetooth, or Camera support, despite being worked on for more than six months. The good news is that the developer is not giving up, and he’s willing to try with Oneplus. This is what he wrote on the forums:

“Oneplus 2 is happening! The device is ordered! I am happy to announce that the Oneplus 2 is getting Ubuntu touch! I will also say that Oneplus 2 is second priority, the one is still first priority.”

Oneplus 2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (octa-core), a 3,300 mAh battery, a 5.5” IPS LCD display, dual SIM, a 13MP camera, 3GB of RAM (4GB), and 16GB of storage (64GB for a different model).

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