Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Is Being Ported to LG Optimus G, Again

Ubuntu Touch is currently available only on a small number of devices, but that might change with the help of the community. A number of ports are already in the works, and it looks like LG Optimus G might be one of these phones.

Porting Ubuntu Touch to other phones is not a difficult task, but most developers hit a wall when they have to integrate certain drivers for things like GSM or Bluetooth. Some have managed to overcome it, and proof of that is the OnePlus One port that seems to be going very well.

The ideal scenario is that anyone with enough knowledge and a little bit of free time should be able to get Ubuntu Touch running on their phones. We’re still pretty far from that scenario, but things should be getting easier in the near future. The major problems are the proprietary drivers that prevent developers from completing most of the ports already available.

Ubuntu Touch on LG Optimus G

The truth is that Ubuntu Touch was ported to LG Optimus G a while back, or at least a project was started with this purpose in mind. Unfortunately, the port was discontinued a few months ago, and the developer said that he didn’t have the time to finish it.

Now, it looks like someone else managed to get it going once more and posted a few images with the phone on Twitter. It’s not much, but at least it’s more than we had just a week ago. There is no indication on the progress made by the developer or if they plan to go beyond what they have achieved until now. Users are already asking about LG G2.

We’ll try to find out more about what the devs of the LG Optimus G are working on and how far they are from a stable port.

Via Softpedia

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