Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Is Getting a Native RSS Reader for Newsblur

The Ubuntu Touch platform is about to get a new and powerful RSS reader for Newsblur. The application, however, is still in development and its maker wants to get ideas from the community.

The Ubuntu developers have made it very easy for users and other devs to write apps from scratch for their operating systems. The official Ubuntu Touch store is now getting more apps than ever, and it looks like the rhythm is increasing by the day. New stuff is being brought every day to the store, and a large number of those apps are built natively, specific for this platform, or are ported in the same way.

One of the goals of the Ubuntu team is to have as many native applications as possible on their platform and to rely as little as possible on webapps. There are still a lot of those around, but things are slowly changing. The new RSS reader for Newsblur is a good example. The developer just put together what he needed to make it happen, and he’s now almost ready to reveal his new app. He needs a name, icons, and maybe a few other ideas.

A powerful RSS reader is needed

Developer David Callé has already done a lot of work in the Ubuntu ecosystem, but he’s not stopping now. Like most of the apps out there, this one is being made because the developer needs it. It’s that simple.

“It’s probably time to start unveiling a new Ubuntu app I’ve been working on this week. If, like me, you are a heavy RSS user (and by heavy, I mean 400 or 500 items per day), you are probably missing an easy way to speed-read them on the Ubuntu phone. And if, like me, you are a #Newsblur user, you probably think the web UI just doesn’t cut it on the phone. I’ve decided to scratch these two itches with a bit of python and QML and create an app just for this : connect your Newsblur account and crunch through a large amount of RSS feeds in no time,” said David on Google+.

He does mention that he still needs a name and icon for the app and that he still has to fix some issues, but the new RSS reader will be here in a couple of weeks.

Via Softpedia

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