Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch LibreOffice DocViewer Released, UbuCon Summit Preparations Continue

Ubuntu Community Manager David Planella has just sent his bi-monthly report to inform us all about the latest work done by members of the Ubuntu community in the last few weeks.

According to Mr. Planella, the Ubuntu team managed to recruit mentors and to crowd-source various tasks for Google CodeIn, to prepare the Scopes Showdown event and the Community Council election, to make more preparations for the UbuCon Summit event, and to partnership with the website to sell Ubuntu branded stickers.

For Ubuntu Touch, the team managed to release a new version of the Music app with support for UI Toolkit 1.3, add various improvements to the LibreOffice DocViewer app, which has been finally released on Ubuntu Store, resolve various Jenkins-related issues, along with some bugs in the Notes app.

Moreover, there was a minor update to the Clock app, some performance improvements and an optional week view were added to the Calendar app, and a bug has been identified for the UI Toolkit. For the Ubuntu Developers website, the team managed to do a lot of great improvements as well in the last few weeks.

“Here are some highlights of what the Ubuntu Community Team at Canonical together with some other community members have been working on in the last two weeks,” said David Planella. “As a bonus, as I got reminded the previous update wasn’t send, you get the full month update.”

The latest Snappy updates

A lot of work has been done for the Ubuntu Snappy Core operating system as well in the last few weeks, as the team managed to host yet another awesome Snappy Clinic, as well as to review the Snappy App Developer Manual, which should be soon integrated into the official documentation of the project, as well as into Snappy, snapcraft, and the Ubuntu Developer website.

Furthermore, there were two nice releases of the Snappy creator tool snapcraft, versions 0.5 and 0.6, which brought various improvements, the Snappy and Snapcraft training materials have been finalized, the click-reviewers-tools project received various fixes, along with the Snappy documentation. More details can be found in Mr. Planella report.

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