Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Receives New Unity 8, Feature Freeze is Now in Effect

On September 29, Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak sent in his daily report about the work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers in preparation for the upcoming OTA-7 software update, due for release on October 19, 2015.

According to Mr. Zemczak, the Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 feature freeze is now in effect, which means that the day of September 29 was very busy for developers, who managed to add a new Unity 8 user interface that contains assorted enhancements and fixes, especially for the issues the occurred when running Ubuntu Touch in desktop mode.

Moreover, a new version of the Unity-System-Compositor component has been released, patching multiple issues related to the power button, which didn’t blanked and unblanked the screen, the pocket-desktop mode has been released with updated versions of X.Org Server and libertine, and the Web Browser app received context menus to tab.

“It seems not all planned features will be available for OTA-7 as everyone is focusing on bugfixes and performance enhancements,” says Łukasz Zemczak. “Developers are also looking into the recently mentioned rc-proposed location regressions, hopefully to be fixed for this release. Fingers crossed.”

In the end of the email, Mr. Zemczak reminds Ubuntu Touch developers that the Wily Werewolf (Ubuntu 15.10) parts of the dual landings will be moved from the main archive to the stable phone overlay during this week, in order to enable proper speed during freeze periods and prepare the team for the Ubuntu 15.10 final freeze and Wily Werewolf opening.

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