Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 Update Is Being Tested, on Track for October Launch

The Ubuntu Touch OS is getting a new OTA very soon and the developers are putting the final touches on it. The update is still on track for an October 19 launch and it will remain that way if nothing goes wrong.

The Ubuntu team has announced that the new OTA update for phones has a precise launch date and they will try to keep it that way, but it’s not set in stone. Almost all of the updates released until now, in the stable cycle, have had some minor problems that slightly delayed them, so users shouldn’t get too excited about the fact that a date has been set. In fact, some pretty important improvements and upgrades have been made, to some of the core components, so issues might still occur.

The good news is that Ubuntu Touch is now in feature freeze and developers have started to work exclusively on bugs and other issues. We can only hope that some of the problems that have been reported after the previous update, especially with the Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition, will be corrected and that none of the new features will cause any important regressions.

OTA-7 will be a big one

Besides all the upgrades for various components of the operating system, a number of other packages like the new Dekko email client are expected to land as well, along with IMAP notifications. In the meantime, developers are testing the new update and things seem to be in order.

“OTA-7 testing is in progress. A few issues have been already noticed in our release candidate, so we will include at least 2 additional silos and perform a re-spin. But those should not impact the final release date. The overlay landing gates are open once again but QA is concentrating on regression testing, so silo sign-off might take a while. Also, for the time of OTA-7 the rc-proposed auto builds are disabled – we will re-enable them back again after the candidate passes testing,” wrote Canonical’s Łukasz “sil2100” Zemczak.

A changelog in a readable form is expected to land before the launch of the update.

Via Softpedia

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