Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Update to Bring Important Unity 8 Upgrade

The Ubuntu Touch platform is preparing for a new OTA update, and a large number of fixes have landed in the past few days.

Ubuntu Touch will get a new patch in less than two weeks, and developers are working tirelessly to fix and to improve the operating system. This new OTA update is a big one, and numerous packages have been upgraded. It also means that there will be lots of fixes to implement and the team is working to make that happen.

New OTA updates for Ubuntu Touch are released every six weeks, and the latest development cycle entered feature freeze a few days ago. Devs are concentrating only on fixes and, from the looks of it, they have their hands full. It’s a good opportunity to see what’s coming with OTA-8.

What are some of the improvement in OTA-8

“Another great batch of fixes landing into the overlay today. The developers prepared for us: a new oxide-qt fixing some display-blanking issues and others, ubuntu-system-settings with update-notification changes, camera-app, click-scope, a new Unity8 (+ all sub-components – too many fixes to mention here), a new gsettings-qt with the dim timeout gsettings fix and gallery-apps,” wrote  Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak on the mailing list.

All of these changes that we see right now need to be tested, not only by the Ubuntu team but by people from the hardware makers, like Meizu and BQ. The launch date for the upcoming OTA-8 update is November 18, and there is no reason to think that they are going to be late. Please keep in mind that this date is not set in stone, and it’s possible to postpone the launch in order to fix any issues that might appear.

All the devices will get the patch at the same time, if nothing special happens in the meantime, and the entire process will take 24 hours.

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