Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 Update to Launch on November 18

The latest Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 update is coming along, and some users are already testing the changes by using the RC proposed channel. The developers have also announced that they are targeting November 18 for the launch, but that hasn’t been decided just yet.

Ubuntu Touch gets a new OTA update every six weeks, and we are now preparing for the next one. The development cycle has already entered feature freeze, which means that no more changes are getting past the games. The team is now focusing exclusively on bug fixes, and they have a little over two weeks to make sure that the next OTA update is up to par.

Even if they try their best to keep a precise schedule, it’s difficult sometimes to be on time. Finding a major problem at the last minute usually means that they need to postpone it, and the new updates also go through rigorous testing with the phone makers, in this case, BQ and Meizu. It happened more than once that one of these platforms got the updates a few days late, but it’s not something all that common.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-8 is on track

“Not too many exciting news for today. We have published new language-packs to the overlay-ppa – those should be available with the next nightly image. We would like to ask translators to flash their development phones tomorrow and help out with the few new strings introduced. As for OTA-8 dates, since a question like that was sent to the mailing list yesterday: the final release date is currently planned for the 18th of November. So there’s still some time for preparing fixes,” said Canonical’s Łukasz ‘sil2100’ Zemczak.

It’s possible to test the changes right now, with the RC-proposed channel, but you need to keep in mind that it’s not a stable version and not for daily use.

Via Softpedia

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