Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch to Receive Major Unity 8 Update with Multiple Convergence Features

Canonical’s Łukasz Zemczak sent in his daily reports for October 22 and October 23, 2015, informing us about the latest work done by the Ubuntu Touch developers.

There’s two fantastic news for Ubuntu for Phones fans that we would like to share with them in this article. We’ve read Mr. Zemczak’s reports, and we can tell you that the Ubuntu Touch developers have prepared one of the biggest Unity 8 updates.

According to Mr. Zemczak, this big Unity 8 update was in development for quite some time now, and it brings all sorts of convergence changes, including external screen support, as well as integration of Unity-controlled mouse pointers.

The second thing is about the rebasing of the entire Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system to the next major stable release of the project, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus), which will soon enter in development now that Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is out the door.

“We will most probably change our baseline to 16.04 once it’s ready – or the next release, but there is no official decision yet so don’t take my word for it,” said Łukasz Zemczak. “Just make sure to put effort into getting the development versions working as well.”

OTA-version and many other features are coming soon to Ubuntu Touch

We’ve talked in our previous Ubuntu Touch articles about the possibility for Ubuntu Touch to display the OTA version in System Settings instead of the current r-number (e.g. r26 for OTA-7). This feature was supposed to land in OTA-7, which was released on October 19, 2015, but for some unknown reason it got delayed for OTA-8.

In addition, the Ubuntu developers prepared new versions of the Web Browser app, as well as the Address Book Server and Unity Scopes Shell components, which have already landed in the stable repositories, packed with lots of goodies. We will keep you guys informed with the latest Ubuntu Touch news next week. Happy weekend!

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