Linux News Today: Ubuntu Touch Vibrant Venice Concept Is Absolutely Stunning

The Ubuntu Touch operating system already has a distinct look, and its makers don’t intend to change it any time soon. On the other hand, the community is not limited by what it can do and designer Pablo Marlasca just posted a concept for Ubuntu that looks absolutely stunning.

To make one thing clear, Ubuntu Touch already looks very good, and the fact that it’s different enough from what everyone else is doing is a very good thing. Changing the design paradigm is something that Canonical does very well, even if the end result is not always welcomed by the community (cough Unity cough). So, when someone from the community builds something that somehow manages to look even better than the original product, you start to pay attention.

One of the biggest problems with this kind of concepts is that nothing really comes of them. Designers put forward something, the original developers of the project praise it, but then it fades away. Let’s take the example of the Ubuntu 16.04 Stupendously Hot Charmander concept, which got a lot of attention from the community. The designer of that concept didn’t even change Ubuntu all that much, but most of the feedback from the community has been extremely favorable. Is Canonical going to use some of that? That’s highly unlikely.

The Vibrant Venice concept is stunning

It’s clear that the designer of the Ubuntu Touch Vibrant Venice concept put a lot of work into this. It’s not the kind of stuff that you make in a couple of hours. It blends elements from the desktop and the mobile phone, which is quite interesting since it follows the concept of convergence.

Also, the Suru theme is being used all over the place, and a lot of suggestions are made on how to improve the Ubuntu experience. The biggest impact has to be the transparency, which goes a long way. Make sure that you check the entire gallery below.

Ubuntu Touch Vibrant Venice Concept

Ubuntu Touch Vibrant Venice Concept

Via Softpedia

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