Linux News Today: Ubuntu UI Toolkit Updated to Help You Build and Design Apps for Ubuntu Phones

Ubuntu community member Kevin Feyder has shared with us an update to the Ubuntu UI Toolkit, an open-source project designed from the ground up to help Ubuntu application developers and designers build and design apps for Ubuntu phones.

Dubbed a custom UI (User Interface) toolkit for Ubuntu Phone, Mr. Feyder’s Ubuntu UI Toolkit consists of the Suru Icon Template, which helps you create consistent icons for your Ubuntu Phone apps.

There’s also the Ubuntu Ui Patterns, a set of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images which help application developers to create mockup layouts for the Ubuntu Phone, and Device Stickersheet, a collection of Ubuntu devices that help mocking up your UI.

Lastly, the Ubuntu UI Toolkit includes Sheets for Ubuntu app developers who love to design user interface on paper and pencil first. Sheets is currently under development and will offer a dotted grid sketch paper that makes UI designing easier.

“If anyone is interested in building or designing for the Ubuntu phone. I just updated my vector ui toolkit. You can find it at: ,” said Kevin Feyder in a Google+ post.

In related news, we’ve reported a few days ago that Sam Hewitt published a very informative and interesting tutorial about how to design your own Ubuntu application icons based on the Suru icon theme.

That being said, you now have everything you need to go design and build some of the most awesome user interfaces for your Ubuntu Phone applications. Have fun!

Via Softpedia

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