Linux News Today: Ubuntu Unity 8 Convergence: Nexus 4 Phone Converging into a Desktop – Gallery

I have been recently asked by some of my readers if Ubuntu convergence is almost here, so I’ve had to say yes because of the posts coming from Ubuntu developers about the latest convergence features added to the Unity 8 user interface.

Today, October 5, Canonical’s Michael Hall has bragged on his Google+ page about his Nexus 4 smartphone running the latest Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system converging into a desktop on his flatscreen TV, without a keyboard.

“I don’t have a video of it yet, but here’s some sneak peaks at my Nexus 4 phone converging into a desktop (almost, it’s on my TV with no keyboard),” says Michael Hall on a Google+ post.

Indeed, a video would have made a big difference, but the photos attached at the end of the article are more than enough proof that the Ubuntu convergence is almost here and we will be able to taste it very soon.

And you have to admit that these are exciting times because using your mobile phone as a desktop PC is the next big thing in computing. Being able to plug your phone into a dock and connect it to a big-screen TV for hosting a presentation is pretty cool.

Enjoy the Ubuntu Unity 8 convergence photos posted on the gallery below, courtesy of Michael Hall, and rest assured that we will update the article as soon as Mr. Hall posts a video of it all on YouTube.

Via Softpedia

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