Linux News Today: Ubuntu's Mir Display Server Reaches Version 0.16 with Mir-on-X Refinements, More

The Ubuntu developers behind the next-generation Mir display server used in the current version of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system and Ubuntu Desktop Next computer OS have announced the release of Mir 0.16.0.

According to the project’s Launchpad page, Mir 0.16.0 is a feature release that introduces lots of enhancements, among which we can mention refinements to the Mir-on-X platform, such as support for display window size, guest platform, rotation, and key combinations, improved logging, and support for protobuf versioning.

Furthermore, the buffer holding time has been significantly shortened for system compositors, which will result in smoother and higher frame rates, the new buffer semantics feature received even more improvements, and there’s now support for the NATIVE_WINDOW_CONSUMER_USAGE_BITS query.

Cross-compilation has been enhanced in Mir 0.16.0, with multi-arch and multi-distro support, the message auth code has been added to the make_event functions deprecating older implementations, various utilities are now available for detecting the capabilities of an input device, and the ANR logic has been optimized for less frequent wakeups.

Work started on supporting multiple renderers

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the new Mir release adds the EventBuilder function, which aims to help input platforms construct events, introduces the ability to set a scale on BufferStream, lets clients set their surface event handler from the get-go, and fixes multiple bugs reported by users since the previous version, which you can view in detail on the official changelog for Mir 0.16.0.

Last but not least, work started on supporting even more renderers, not only GL. The ABI summary consits of Mirclient ABI 9, Mirserver ABI 34, Mircommon ABI 5, Mirplatform ABI 10, Mirprotobuf ABI 2, Mirplatformgraphics ABI 5, and Mirclientplatform ABI 3. Users are being informed that only graphics drivers and servers need rebuilding.

Download Mir 0.16.0 right now from Softpedia.

Via Softpedia

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