Linux News Today: UNIGINE 2.0 Real-Time 3D Game Engine Has Cool New Features for Linux, Mac, and Windows

After one and a half years of development, the developers of the UNIGINE real-time 3D engine were proud to announce this past weekend the general availability of the final release of UNIGINE 2.0.

Prominent features of UNIGINE 2.0 include the enablement of the full deferred renderer by default, improvements to decals, which have now been unified, better quality for the motion blue, SSAO, and bloom effects, better support for CAVE, as well as improved performance of the profiling tools.

The C# and C++ APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have been extended, temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been added and it is enabled by default, Quad Buffered Stereo support was greatly improved, and there are numerous performance optimizations.

Furthermore, UNIGINE 2.0 features extra artist-friendly materials that are much easier to setup, support for the HLA, C2, and DIS protocols, native support for Oculus DK2, more uniform command-line commands, an all-new Video Grabber tool, and support for the ARTTRACK motion capture API.

“The UNIGINE 2 stable release is finally available, incorporating more than 1.5 years of major technology improvements. Please see the details on its features on the renewed,” wrote the developers on the official release notes of the UNIGINE 2.0 project.

UNIGINE 2 comes with three different editions

Among other new features implemented in UNIGINE 2.0, we can mention the addition of high-quality environment probes for dynamic reflections, better support for the FBX format, initial support for asset browser, support for the Perception Neuron wireless motion capture system, and better workflow for transparent materials.

Last but not least, there’s now easier graphical debugging support, the UnigineEditor tool was ported to Qt, it is now possible to simulate optical sensors in the IR or EO passbans, and the data streaming has been improved to greatly increase the stability of FPS, as well as to enhance the synchronization between IG channels.

Download UNIGINE 2.0 for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X operating systems right now from the developer’s website. UNIGINE 2.0 is distributed in three different editions, Starter, Professional, and Sim. Also, users are being informed that old UNIGINE Game licenses will be automatically upgraded to UNIGINE Professional.

Via Softpedia

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