Linux News Today: Unvanquished 0.43 FPS Game Adds Map Updates, Fixes the "Red Screen" Bug

The developers of the open-source and cross-platform Unvanquished FPS (First-Person Shooter) game have announced the immediate availability for download of a new Alpha build.

Looking at the changelog, we can say that Unvanquished 0.43.0 Alpha is a small but important update, fixing two of the most annoying bugs reported by users since the last release of the game, at the same time updating some of those awesome maps with new and attractive features.

Let’s start with the fixes, as Unvanquished 0.43.0 Alpha gets rid of the nasty “red screen” regression introduced in the previous version of the game, a UI (User Interface) bug that prevented the HUD from being displayed correctly.

Additionally, it fixes the “download loop” issue that kept players stuck in an endless package downloading operation when attempting to connect to an Unvanquished server that had the “autodownload” function enabled.

Three maps have received important updates in this new release of Unvanquished. First of all, the Chasm map has gotten a movable ladder and vents, allowing players to access the outside platform. Then, the Station 15 map got some high-resolution signaling and vegetation textures.

And lastly, the awesome Vega map has received some objects and a better, recompiled lightmaps feature. The game’s engine has also been updated in the Alpha 43 build, with support for running maps more easily after the server started.

“Every one is working hard and future releases will ship exciting changes! The most important change for every one: next month we will do some gameplay experiments, so, do not miss the community games each sunday at 20:00 UTC,” said the Unvanquished devs at the end of the announcement.

Two game management-related APIs are in the works

Last but not least, Unvanquished 0.43.0 Alpha fixes a compilation issue with the GCC 5.2 compiler, adds improvements to the Lua integration, introduces a new client-side API (Application Programming Interface) that lets devs manipulate CSS/HTML UI’s DOM powered by the libRocket library, and two game management-related APIs are in the works.

Download Unvanquished Alpha 43 for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems right now via Softpedia or from the game’s website, whichever suits you best, but please keep in mind that the game is currently in development and it might not work as expected.

Via Softpedia

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