Linux News Today: Valve Adds Even More Improvements to Steam Controller in the Latest Beta Client

Valve has announced the they’ve updated the Steam Beta Client for all supported operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux, with even more improvements to their Steam Controller device.

Among the enhancements, we can mention support for renaming the non-Steam game shortcuts via the Manage Shortcuts options in the Big Picture mode, along with support for fine tuning binding selections for non-Steam game community configurations, thanks to the ability to share them by name.

It is now possible to save legacy configurations for games that have native controller support, the Steam Controller configurator has been updated to better display the title and author of a certain set of bindings, along with their templates, and the configuration selector is now more responsive.

Moreover, the latest Steam Beta Client fixes multiple issues related to the ability to edit configurations that are not linked to a connected Steam account or Steam Controller, which should now be saved correctly for the respective controllers and accounts.

Migrating configurations for Steam Controllers will no longer fail for Steam users that had special characters for their non-Steam shortcuts. Also, a regression introduced in the previous Steam Beta Client, which made the desktop keyboard to steal focus, has been resolved.

Last but not least, the December 29, 2015 update to the Steam Beta Client adds several improvements to the built-in support for the VR keyboard, which can now position itself better. An issue with the selection has also been fixed for the VR keyboard.

Via Softpedia

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