Linux News Today: Valve Continues to Greatly Improve the Steam Controller with Major Update

Valve wants to improve the support for the Steam Controller and continues to release updates for the Steam Client, bringing important changes.

Just a couple of days ago, we got an important Steam update that brought a really cool feature for the Steam Controller. Users can now use their custom controller configuration on other systems, without having to log in. Basically, the configurations are now available in the Steam cloud, but they are linked to the ID of the controller, not just the account.

Now, Valve has released a new Steam update that corrects some of the issues that users have identified, and the developers have been quick to put forth a fresh update. This is still the Beta version of the client, but it’s very likely that all of these new features and improvements will soon land in the stable branch as well.

A new Steam Beta is available

Valve now updates both the client and the Steam Controller at the same time, which is actually a nice addition. From the looks of it, the developers still have a lot of work left to do, and it will be interesting to see what they are going to add.

According to the changelog, the behavior when streaming from Steam Link has been improved, loading official configurations for Kerbal Space Program and Warframe has been fixed, a crash that occurred when loading a malformed configuration file has been fixed, an occasional crash when powering the controller on or off has been repaired, and the migration of non-Steam game configurations now works correctly.

Also, the Triumph and Shake It Off sounds have been removed from available personalization sounds, additional Touch Menu selection settings have been added to allow the selection on Release Click and on Release Touch, and public configurations that have not yet been migrated by their authors are still currently not available.

All of these changes are available only in Steam Beta, for now, so you’ll have to select the Beta from Preferences.

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